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Rich collections preserved in Rajshahi by personal initiative: Heritage

‘Heritage’- In Kajla under the Motihar thana of Rajshahi, there exist Archives of Bangladesh history with rich collection and contents that is supporting various researchers, teachers, student and even historians.

The founder of the Heritage Professor Dr. Md. Mahbubar Rahman of the department of History and the former Director of Institute of Bangladesh Studies (IBS) of Rajshahi University has been running it entirely through his personal initiatives and funding. The heritage is built on ten decimal of land and the building stands on a six stories foundation.

Recently in an interview with The Bangladesh Post, Professor Dr. Md. Mahbubar Rahman has informed that someone has to step up for the preservation of the past glories and heritage of our country for the next generations to come otherwise we will lag behind as a nation. He also stated that preservation of the heritage of our people are at risk as there are no place where we can preserve our historical records, only there are archives in the country that collect and preserve the state records.

Heritage is an autonomous professional reservoir of posters, photographs, private correspondences, diaries, magazines, books, audiovisual & digital items and various other important documents. The main aim is to create a new type of achieves in Bangladesh that is open, user- friendly and service oriented.

The Heritage focuses on various social moments like women’s movement, environmental movement, Islamic movement, pro-democracy movement, labor and peasant movement, nationalist and human rights movement and a variety of transformations like emergence of NGOs, urban growth, new entrepreneurial group, labor migration and popular culture.

It has materials of various eras, post-colonial period (1947 to onwards) and even older materials.

The Heritage has several thousand periodicals on 1800 varieties, 1700 posters on socio-cultural, political issues, 1600 leaflets, documentaries and books on 63 districts of Bangladesh, books on indigenous people of Chittagong Hill tracts, several thousand magazines and newspapers, paper clippings anniversary issues of various newspapers & and magazines and coins of various ages.

On weekdays, Heritage is open from 5:30pm to 8:30 pm. “Sthanio Itihas” (Local History) is a quarterly journal published by the Heritage.

In future, the plan is to make the Heritage available to the general public through exhibitions, exchanges audio- visual presentation and publications.

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