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On the list of the tourist- friendly countries, Bangladesh goes 5 steps ahead

Bangladesh has been ranked 120th, moving up 5 notches among 140 countries on the list of tourist-friendly countries in the world.

Recently, the World Economic Forum released a tourism report called “Travel and Tourism Competitive Report-2019,” which ranks Bangladesh 120th. The earlier rank of Bangladesh was 125th.

The report praised the move of Bangladesh towards being a country that is tourist friendly. Bangladesh has made the most progress in Asia-Pacific safety and security as per regional analysis.

A list of 140 countries was released taking into account the report’s 90 criteria for air transport, accommodation, security, culture and stable travel opportunities for tourists.

The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index covers 140 economies and measures the set of factors and policies that encourage sustainable travel and tourism sector growth which contributes to a country’s development and competitiveness.

Spain was top of the list, followed by France, Germany, Japan, USA, UK, Australia, Italy, Canada, and Switzerland.

India ranked 34th among the SAARC countries on the list, ranked 77 is Sri Lanka, 102 is Nepal. The rating of Pakistan is lower than Bangladesh, which is 121st.

The World Economic Forum gave priority to four aspects of tourism this year— natural and cultural resource, aviation infrastructure, national travel and tourism policies and appropriate environment (from health to hygiene in the labor market).

Bangladesh has made significant progress in security and safety. Bangladesh’s expectation is that there will be significant improvements in the tourism industry due to natural resources and cultural heritage, it says, adding that the number of tourists will also increase.

The country’s tourism industry is facing challenges of poor tourism services, air pollution, and water logging. For these reasons, there is a threat to the country’s natural tourism, it says.

Increasing wildlife sanctuaries for Bangladesh tourism’s sustainable development, natural resource protection and prevention of deforestation could accelerate tourism development, the report adds.

Taslim Amin Shovon, director, trade and fair, Tour Operators Associations of Bangladesh (TOAB) said: “It is obviously good news for us, it will have a positive impact on our tourism industry.

“Bangladesh Tourism Boards have been establishing their relationships with various organizations for the past few years, including the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) over global promotions and various tourism-related fairs. It helped to develop our tourism sector a lot,” he said.

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