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Karpashdanga Neelkuthi in Chuadanga

Farmers used to grow Neel during the British time in Bengal. Karpashdanga Neelkuthi was used to manage Neel farmers as the official administrative buildings. There’s a scenic area in this location with little history context. There’s a vast open space where you can sit and relax.

It’s so amazing that this place will bring you close to nature. The site is surrounded by numerous types of trees that have developed shades to cool the atmosphere. There’s a rest house where you can relax for a while. Many people come from different districts to see the place almost every day. There is a small market where various types of products can be found that are related with these places.

How to go: By contrast, the entire transportation system is better than other districts. Through traveling through motor vehicle for 30 minutes, you can reach any of its upazilla.

You have to spend 4 to 5 hours to reach Dhaka. People usually use long-distance bus and train and use Rickshaw, human pulled truck, etc. for local travels. They often use cycle or motor cycle for personal use. A human-driven van called “Nosimon” is often used for the transport of goods.

Things to do: Visit Neel Kuthi’s historic site, Thakurpur Mosque, Gholdari Jami Mosque. See this place’s natural beauty.

Eating facilities: There you can get various types of food items. Finding a suitable restaurant for you to eat won’t be a big challenge. Also the food is very tasty. You can also get food from the resident hotel where you’re staying.

Travel tips: There is a small market where various types of items related to this location can be found. There are really good and charming places to visit.

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