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Kalikhola Zamindar Bari

Locally, this is called “Shaha Bari,” founded by a wealthy merchant. The house owner left the house during the 1971 war. He was somehow able to sell his properties before leaving the country. There is another old house after a few minutes walking distance from the “Shaha Bari”, and this one is much bigger.

This is actually a mansion of local Zamindar. This house is currently being occupied by Madaripur’s local “Land Survey” section and employees of the government used to work here. The old house is also used by the employees ‘ families.

This building is not much older than other Bangladesh Palaces. But it’s still worth visiting this location. The people from there are apathetic in helping, and they are curious about anyone’s presence there. Yet they provide details about this house after a short conversation with them. And employees direct to explore the entire house.

How to go: This site is located in Madaripur District’s Kalkini Upazila.  One can start his journey from Madaripur town for the monument of any sort of motor vehicle. We suggest hiring a rickshaw van as the ride. They can also explore the Madaripur using CNG. The distance from Dhaka to Madaripur is 426 km and it takes 8 hours 5 minutes approx to reach Madaripur. Buses are available 24 hours a day. It’s quick to go from Dhaka to Shariatpur.

The trip from Dhaka is to go Mawa Ghat and then to Madaripur.  Mawa Ghat is accessible to Dhaka from BRTC, Procesta, Elish, Gungun, Ajmeri bus service. From Mawa Ghat to go to Kawrakandi or Majhikandi use ferry, sea boat, troler or launce. There are nearby buses from Kawrakandi or Majhikandi to go to Madaripur. You can take a taxi to go to Madaripur if you want.

Where to stay: The management of the hotel here is very nice. Here you can get various types of hotels. If you want a cheaper hotel, you’ll get it and if you want good hotels, there’s no problem as well.

Things to do: To see the elegance of the former Hindu Zamindar Bari’s infrastructure. Ask the local people about this house’s history.

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