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After the evening, Shillong fills with shoppers

Delightful dream of enjoying a deep understanding of the beauty of nature are always guided by the tourists, Shillong’s tourist city virtually leaves everyone to know the ways ordinary events carry a deeper meaning.

Tourists choose to throng to markets at evening after a day’s whirlwind tour of Shillong and its enticing locations, taking great interest in buying items of their choice at reasonable prices. After sunset, the city becomes an abuzz of buyers and sellers, giving the city an illuminated feel and transforming it into a tourist home.

Small vendors are seen selling various items in the open spaces to attract tourists to discover Shillong.

Every day, temporary businessmen set up their improvised shops at night in front of various shopping malls, where tourists of all ages are thronging to buy something.

If someone visits the open market once, they never return empty handed but buy their favorite goods.

This open market is largely dependent on the tourists, where sellers display their goods to cater for the traveler’s choice.

Nurul Islam, a tourist from Bangladesh said, “I visit Shillong when I get a chance. After coming here, instead of going to different shopping malls, I visit this open market because I find items of my choice at fair prices.”

Similar to him, after the spectacular tour of the day to various sites, many visitors come to this open market in the evening.

In the evening, those who come to Shillong as tourists are given added pleasure and joy by these open markets.

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