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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

“Mrs. Tourism Globe” award won by Bangladesh’s Oishi in Manila

“Mrs. Tourism” world finals took place in Manila, Philippines on October 28. “Farhana Afrin Oishi” joined with participants from 20 countries, representing Bangladesh’s red green flag. Oishi, a champion of 22 years old, won eight awards in total, including “Mrs. Tourism Globe” at Grand Coronation Night.

Other titles were Mrs. Berry Gluta, Mrs. Nix Beauty Institute, Best In Forum, Darling of the Press, Mrs. Fairy White.” This is the first time “Farhana Afreen Oishi” has participated in the international tour of “Mrs. Tourism”, since the selection of “Mrs. Tourism Bangladesh-20” from Bangladesh.
Australia, China, Canada, India, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and 20 other countries also participated in the event.

Apurbo Abdul Latif , Mrs. Tourism Bangladesh President congratulated Farhana Afreen Oishi and said, “One of our country’s greatest potential is our tourism industry. We have the world’s longest beach –Cox’s Bazar, the largest mangrove forest –the Sundarbans. In Bangladesh, our Prime Minister is doing a lot of work on tourism.”

Oishi, 22, crossed the border of Bangladesh with a red green flag on October 6. Oishi was gifted with dancing and singing from a very early age. She is equally skilled in reading and drawing as well. Visiting the world, conquer the hearts of the people by singing and living beside the needs of the people are the vision of the beautiful and talented young woman.

The house of Oishi’s mother was in Munshi Ganj, and the house of her father was Faridpur, her birth place is Dhaka. Her mother loved dancing, and she loved music from her father. Therefore, in conjunction with the education of children, dance and singing existed in her life and stage performances begun at school.

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