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Lively chirping and fluttering to be enjoyed by tourists

The Arunima Resort Golf Club in Panipara under the Naragati Police Station in Narail is the place where most visitors are expected to visit for the amusement of thousands of indigenous and migratory birds chirping and fluttering.

With the onset of the winter season, migratory birds have begun arriving there like the previous year.

The migratory birds of various species come together all year round at the greenery of the resort. However, the bird’s phenomenon increases with the onset of the winter season. The vegetation of the resort is now a bird sanctuary due to the resort authorities ‘ special surveillance, which has stopped bird treatment. Tourists of the resort are fascinated by the wings of different species in the sky.

Arunima Resort Golf Club’s Chairman and Managing Director, Md Khabir Uddin Ahmed said the resort and golf club with about 50 acres of land had been built to satisfy the tourists ‘ minds and give them a lot of joy.

City residents and working people come here to enjoy the natural environment, particularly women and children. There are many big ponds in the town. The pond is filled with native fish species. Tourists are also fascinated by the huge fish that swim in the lake or reservoir. There are boats made of snake-like vessels to ride from one end of the pond to the other for family members or friends, Khabir Uddin stated.

Fishermen sometimes catch fish in the pond with authorization from the resort authorities. Swimming pools and hanging bridges exist in the resort. The beautiful resort and fruit trees were planted in various places of the natural resort in order to alleviate the fatigue of the tourists. The resort has indoor dining and lodging for local visitors.

Irfan Ahmed, deputy managing director of Arunima Resort Golf Club, said that in the SM Sultan Lounge Room and Convention Hall room there are different types of conferences, workshops and parties scheduled in a pleasant atmosphere. He said that the Arunima Resort Golf Club has the only private golf club in the country.

There would be a day-long Borshi tournament on the resort’s ground on November 15 where any kind of fish catchers could participate. The tournament begins at 6:00 am and ends at 6:00 pm.

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