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Tahirpur’s Tourist spot Biki Beel needs road connection.

Although winter is yet to start that way, some spots like Biki Beel in remote Tahirpur upazila of Sunamganj district is already full with innumerable flowers on the whole water body. However many of the locals call it Beki Beel too. Everyone would be interested to visit the site spread over 14.95 acres of area for spending some leisure time.

The red and green location, at a remote area, is picturesque enough to attract the nature lovers. Although it is not known that much to rest of the country, people from neighbouring areas do visit the area every day.

The red waterlilies cover the whole area from morning till noon.

Locals have demanded proper protection of the natural site.

Accordingly Deputy Commissioner of Sunamganj Md Abdul Ahad in last week visited the Biki bil and hung a billboard on the site including the same as tourist location.

From now on it is listed as a tourist site alongside the well-known Tanguar Haor, Niladri Park, Shahid Siraj Lake, Barektila, frontier river Jadukata, Shimul Bagan, and Holholia Jaminderbari etc, said the DC, adding we would protect the site since it is being visited by the common people.

Bikibil stands in between the Badaghat and Kaukandi Notunbazar in Tahirpur upazila. In fact, part of the Bakibil is used mainly to cultivate Boro crop while water lily blossom on part of the site whole the year.

During the months of November-December these flowers spread on a larger space having knee-deep water. This is why visitors can move around with small country boats the whole day.

Bardal Union Parishad Chairman Abul Kashem said the Shaplar bil-Bikibil spreads over 14.95 acres in Holholia and Digholbak moujas. Only a few flowers were seen there years ago, but things spread around in the last three to four years, he added, the beautiful site had already become new addition for visitors for its natural beauty. However we need to arrange some facilities including improved road link to and from it for the visitors, he added.

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