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Build your career in a growing industry

Future is a serious concern for everyone. Students have to think more about their future career because education is directly involved with employment. Many have to remain unemployed even after pursuing higher education, if they do not receive employment-based education. In the recent competitive world, young people have to be much more careful about their education. If you do not want to wait for employment at this time, then tourism sector may be an ideal place for you to study. The aviation sector is about travel and tourism and it is a demanding sector all over the world when it comes to building a career. Aviation management, Aviation operations, Business management, Strategic management, Supply chain management, etc. are now a very trending and demanding topic to study. Higher salaries are available in the aviation sector, while on the other hand there are opportunities for smart living. So, now is the time to build a career in this sector. It has high demand in abroad, as well as in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has already been able to establish itself at a significant position of the world-class tourism industry. With the development of this industry, there is a need for skilled management executives in the respective fields. This course is a career-based professional course related to travel & tourism management. By attaining this degree, a student can establish himself/herself in one of the fastest successful careers in the world. Catech (www.catech.edu) is conducting this course in Bangladesh. This is a special course in travel or tourism management where various aspects of it like Tourism Management, Marketing and Sales, Airport Operations, Boarding Control, Traffic Management, Customer Relations, Craft Leasing, Finance, Airlines Policy and Law are taught. The costs of education for aviation operation courses are also low and there are a total of 18 subjects being taught.

This is a professional teaching course which is more effective for students who have passed SSC, HSC, O-level, and A-level. Students passing in any year from any department can study here. Aviation management provides employment opportunities at airports, airlines, travel-tourism, flying academies, aircraft assembling companies and airline marketing & research. In these cases, salaries and other benefits are of international standard. Bangladeshi students are doing very well in this regard and almost everyone is getting jobs. Apart from that, a large number of foreign students are now studying in the field of Travel & Tourism in Bangladesh.

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