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Statistics show that tourist numbers are well on track

Between January and September this year a total of 29,465,732 people visited Thailand, generating revenue of Bt1.42 trillion, Ministry of Tourism and Sports’ data stated this week. Over the same period this year, this was up 3.51 percent with revenue showing a similar increase of 3.45 percent.
The largest number of visitors came from China, representing 8,518,031 people, up 1.71%, and producing Bt426.88 billion in revenue. Malaysia followed them with 2.960.896, an increase of 5.56%, spending Bt75.62 billion, an increase of 6.69%; India with 1.471.218, an increase of 25.60%, generating Bt62.03 billion, an increase of 31.14%; South Korea with 1.399.440, an increase of 4.87%, generating Bt55.61 billion, up 5.23 % and Laos with 1,383,410, up 12.16 %, generating Bt39.61 billion, up 12.70%.
Europe’s tourist figures fell to 4,698,239, down 1.83 per cent, generating revenue of Bt324.75 billion, down 2.03 %, of which 970,696 people came from Russia, down 2.95 per cent, generating Bt66.37 billion, down 3.94 %, the United Kingdom with 719,599, up 0.84 %, generating Bt55.66 billion, up 2.20 % and Germany, 601,916 people, down 3.69 %, generating Bt55.66 billion and generating Bt55.66 billion, down 3% and Germany, down 3.69 %. Total tourists from the Americas have risen to 1,159,116 people, up 2.20 per cent, generating revenue of Bt81.91 billion, up 1.84 per cent, with the bulk coming from the US (828,864 people, up 4.72 per cent, generating revenue of Bt58.84 billion, up 5.37 per cent), while tourists from the Middle East have dropped to 541,399 people, down 9.11 per cent, generating revenue of Bt43.31 billion, down 7.83 peaks, down 7.83 per cent).
In September alone, the number of visitors stood at 2,902,731 people, up 10.11%, generating revenue of Bt139.62 billion, up 8.73%, with China once again topping the list with 852,130 people, up 31.56%, generating revenue of Bt45.01 billion, up 31.63%, followed by Malaysia (331,643 people, down 7.56%, revenue of Bt8.59 billion, down 8.68%), Laos (161,295 people, up 16.80%, Bt4.91 billion revenue, up 12.64%), India (155,998 people, up 26.90%, Bt7.03 billion revenue, up 30,86%) and Japan (154,514 people, up 9.01%, Bt7.51 billion revenue, up 9.47%).
Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Yuthasak Supasorn, expressed satisfaction with the figures and said he expects the number of tourists to reach the target of 39.8 million people by the end of this year, up approximately 5% from 3.82 million in  the previous year.
In the meantime, Chattan Kunjara Na Ayudhya, TAT Deputy Governor for International Marketing Asia and South Pacific, added that TAT is targeting 11 million visitors from China for 2019 and will continue to promote Thailand to Indian tourists to meet its target of 2 million.

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