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Amari Dhaka Appoints New Thai Chef Nong at Amaya

If your Thai food cravings are acting up lately then Amari Dhaka is the place to visit. Last week Chef Songpol Dampolthan (Nong), an experienced Thai culinary pundit joined Amari Dhaka to enhance the already expansive Thai section.

Chef Nong, a Thai native, is an expert at presenting authentic Thai cuisine in a contemporary style, which is one of the core cuisines of the restaurant. Nong has worked in many Hotels and Restaurants in Dubai, Malaysia and Thailand and has acquired a broad geographical experience when it comes to his culinary skills. He was previously stationed at Wok Café & Restaurant LLC, Dubai as Head Chef.

He puts his own unique spin to rice dishes such as Pad Thai Rice Noodle and Masaman Chicken Curry served with Rice Noodle to make them more exciting. However, he is most famous for three of his celebrated dishes: Prawn Cake with Thai Chili Sauce, Golden Fried Sea-Bass with Mango Salad and Grilled Tiger Prawn with Black Pepper Sauce. These are a must try for any food enthusiasts. To celebrate the arrival of Chef Nong, Amari Dhaka will be organizing a special event for a Thai culinary experience at Amaya Food Gallery, showcasing the region’s bold flavors and simple preparations. Starting from Thursday, 21 November, 2019 till Saturday, 30 November, 2019, the event will be a part of Amaya Food Gallery’s daily interactive dinner buffet available for BDT. 4500 NET with Buy One Get One applicable for selected cards. The buffet spread will include dishes from Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Italian cuisines along with the special Thai showcase of Chef Nong.

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