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A wonderful tourist destination patenga : Chattagram, Bangladesh

Patenga Sea Beach is a popular tourist spot. The beach is very close to the Bangladesh Naval Academy of the Bangladesh Navy and Shah Amanat International Airport. Its width is narrow and swimming in the seas is not recommended. Part of the seashore is built-up with concrete walls, and large blocks of stones have been laid to prevent erosion. During the 1990s, a host of restaurants and kiosks sprouted out around the beach area. Lighting of the area has enhanced the security aspect of visiting at night. Nowadays, alcohol peddling is very common at the beach. Vendors from the city sell their ice creams, cold drinks and food to the hundreds of tourists who come to Patenga Beach. According to the local people, Patenga is the best place for delicious, mouth-watering street food at very low costs. One of the popular dishes of the food stands is the fried, spicy mud crab served with a small plate full of falafel, garnished with cucumber and onion. The beach has a wonderful cool atmosphere even at the evening, and people come to enjoy the soothing breeze. The beach is lined with massive shady palm trees and fishing boats. It also has an array of speed boats for visitors. The beach, however, is quite sandy, with a few rocky patches. Most visitors come to Patenga Beach as it is known for having some of the most stunning sunsets and sunrises in Bangladesh.

By a motorable road, the Patenga beach is about 22 KM from Chittagong and is approachable. Also, one passes the Patenga Airport, on the way to the beach. And the Fouzdarhat sea-beach about 16 Km from Chittagong, which is another ideal picnic spot.

While you’re in Patenga, you can enjoy boating and river cruise in the River Karnaphuli besides the sea beach. Moreover, when you’re in this area, you’ll find the busy seaport activities here.

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