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US- Bangla to show amazement by brand new aircraft

At a glance:

Journey starts: 2014 Year

Slogan: Fly Fast Fly Safe

Number of Aircraft: 9 nos (soon 2 aircraft will add to the fleet)

US-Bangla airlines has accommodated itself in the Air lines of the world according to survey of airlines ratingsdotcom.

Largest private airlines of the country US-Bangla has added two brand  new next generation ATR-72-600 aircraft to its fleet. Equipped with most modern technology this moled aircraft is used by Air India, Indigo, Malaysian Airlines, Malindo Air, Lion Air. For the first time using new brand aircraft in domestic will show amazement in carrying passengers said airlines managing director (MD) Mohammad Abdullah Al Mamun. At an interview to Kaler kontha he said having two new ATR aircraft in the fleet another two aircraft will be join the fleet. At this passengers’ confidence and acceptance on US-Bangla will increase he thinks.

In the year 2018 with Fly Fast Fly Safe slogan with Dash-8Q400 aircraft by inaugurating from Dhaka to Jessore route started the airlines. At present this fleet has four Boeing 737-800,three Dash-400 and two ATR 72-600 model Aircraft. On arrival of another two ATR 72-600 aircraft this airlines will have total 11nos. aircraft. After state owned airlines Biman Bangladesh Airlines US-Bangladesh Airlines is the largest among the private airlines.

US-Bangla is operating too many flights in domestic route. Beside this the airline is Operating regular flight to Dhaka to Kolkata, Channai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Guangzhu, Mascot and Doha. Now there no plan to fly to new route said Mr. Abdullah Al Mamun. He said, they will give more attention to the international flight they are running. Due to our regularity, security direction and workers efficiency our on time performance is 98.7%. Including on time arrival, we want to raise our hospitality service to passengers at the highest standard. In future think to fly in new route if feasibility of business is found.

This entrepreneur thinks that government should give more attention to flourish this sector. He said,   to operating aircraft service in Bangladesh is very costly in the world. Again fare is also very low here. In this situation this sector will not be durable here. We are surviving this airline business giving financial back-up from other business profit.  If the country airlines were not in operation then lots of foreign currency would go to outside. Different sectors including garments industries are getting cash handsome incentives against export. We are neglected in spite of our much foreign currency earning. Learning from accident US-Bangla has given almightly to security said Mohammad Abdullah Al Mamun that US-Bangla Airlines always gives top priority to security which is a continuous process. Among the reputed airlines of the world US-Bangla has been placed by the survey carried out by ‘airlineratingsdotcom’. This rating is done based on some certain rules and regulations. This rating is given on the basis of Govt. audit report, Aviation Authority’s own audit, airlines own safety data, Pilot Engineers training & efficiency, aircraft’s age and considering model. They assessed US-Bangla Airline’s statistics for the last five years and work efficiency and giving priority to highest seven star standard US-Bangla achieved  full-service carrier rating. Expressing his gratitude to all US-Bangla operating Director said, US-Bangla is carrier-organization giving identification of Bangladesh. Our walk with conceiving the hope and aim of our country men. We pay gratitude to our respected passengers, travel agents, corporate body and well-wishers and also to those who kept their faith and gave courage to us after Nepal accident.

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