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Open Salon Services Mumbai airport can now experience 24/7

Taking the baton of providing world-class services to passengers ahead yet again, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) managed by GVK MIAL is all set to launch a new salon inside its terminals. Launching on 10 September 2019, the specially curated time-based salon will offer exceptional experiences to passengers under its Express (services under 15-20 mins), Deluxe (30-45 mins service) and Primante (services above 45 mins) packages. Through the commencement of the facility, CSMIA will be one of the pioneers to start salon operations inside any airport in the country. Specializing in providing express services, the salon has internationally trained staff to assist the passengers with their grooming concerns. This unisex salon offers an array of beauty, hair, skin and nail care services which will be available to passengers at Terminal 1-C, Departure, Opposite Gate 26 and at Terminal 2, Domestic Departure, next to Irish Café.

The Mumbai International Airport is abuzz with passengers who are always on the go! Understanding the need of the hour and catering to passengers with a time crunch, passengers can now avail quick grooming, skin and nail care services, manicures and pedicures, amongst others as the airport ventures into providing quality services starting from just 15 minutes. Emphasizing on the need to provide passengers with sustainable and organic products, with minimum to zero chemicals, CSMIA through its collaboration with the salon and exclusive brand partnerships will provide services like detox pedicures to calm and rejuvenate the flyers. The exclusive detox package will also include a souvenir pencil with an ingrained seed which after use can be planted. Similarly, the quirky new salon with exclusive brand collaboration uses wooden and organic products and equipment to offer the passengers amenities in an environmentally friendly manner.

This internationally renowned salon – NS Style Salon specializes in haircuts where staff has been trained by international experts. Furthermore, with customized and exclusive services for men, the salon is sure to pamper male passengers with beard spa, premium beard styling, luxurious shaving experience among other facilities. The quality services for men and women at the salon start from just Rs 350 onwards. Through this exclusive collaboration with the salon, CSMIA extends its range of services at the departure gates for passengers as they board their flight from Mumbai!

Being a pioneer in taking various initiatives in the Indian Aviation Industry such as the fully-automated check-in process, generating boarding pass and baggage tag through ‘Common Use Self Service (CUSS)’ kiosks, along with advanced body scanners, mobile application to shop and  explore, online meal ordering services, the airport is easing the way people travel. With the newest salon providing express beauty and grooming services for both men and women inside the airport, CSMIA attempts to ensure passenger satisfaction to every individual who flies through Mumbai.

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