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Eyefor Travel Chicago conference in North America

The EyeforTravel Chicago conference in North America unites executives from the travel and hospitality sector to win bookings and maximise personalised customer experiences.

About EyeforTravel Chicago

The Eye for Travel Chicago, North America event focuses on everything that is travel-related, from sales, marketing and distribution, to revenue management, analytics, and technological innovation. At this conference, professionals from world-leading airlines, casinos, car rentals, tour agencies, and hotels learn how to increase direct bookings, maximise revenue, and deliver personalised customer experiences.

Who Should Attend the EyeforTravel Chicago Conference?

Managing directors, CEOs, CFOs, marketing managers, consultants, business development managers, strategy and solutions managers, digital officers, customer experience experts, technology directors, social media marketing managers, e-commerce directors, partnership managers, travel photographers, events managers, and vice presidents of renowned companies in the travel and tourism industry who want to learn the secrets of success in this highly competitive sector should attend this conference. At the EyeforTravel Chicago event, you will get valuable tips on how to reduce acquisition costs, drive conversions, and set up a budget for the most innovative campaigns and technologies that will help you provide a unique and personalised customer service.

What is the Objective of the EyeforTravel Chicago Event?

The main goal of the innovative EyeforTravel Chicago conference is to fulfil the interests of the travel industry’s executives. It is hosted by e-commerce, marketing, and digital experts who will explain all about digital transformation. The aim of this annual conference is to tackle the key challenges and issues faced by the travel and tourism industry and help those involved in this sector to deliver a winning customer experience that will make their brand stand out and generate customer loyalty. You will get access to the resources you need to digitally transform your brand in the travel and tourism sector in order to win direct bookings.

To obtain further information about this conference, please visit the website of EyeforTravel Chicago.

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